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Tuesday, 3 July 2018 @ 01:02 / 0 Note ♥

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Hello dear all  Finally I'm here to post again. I'm so sorry that I was too busy and I have no laptop to update my blog here. So here's my story in Kuala Lumpur.

Well, after I have work as admin at Kota Kinabalu then I decided to learn more like make up. So I ask for my sis help and search for the best beauty academy turn out that the nearest and best make up academy is Sense and Style Academy. So I take the Master Plus Makeup & Hairdo course.

I went here at March 2017 and now it's already July 2018. It's been 1 year plus I stay here and I admit that I really miss the life when I'm KK. Sometimes, I even regret that I came here for study but why should I regret if it's my own choice right? Even there's a hard time for me and this is the most reason that make me and my bf keep arguing. I hope he can understand me that I have my own reason and it's for our future.

Next topic, my sis Canet has finally get married! Excited! It was a busy month for me as I need to work as a part time worker and ready for my sis wedding also my class. Why? Because I'm the one makeup my sis at her wedding! Busy for keep practice for her hairdo and makeup as she is the first bride that I make up. Luckily, on the actual day they love the makeup and hairdo. I wish I can share you the photo before & after makeup here but unfortunately I forgot to take the photo. How sad :(
However you still can watch the video of actual day which made by my brother-in-law. Click me to watch!

Lastly, I may have less time to update my blog, if you may want to contact or find me, you can email me here: briellagse@gmail.com.

See ya! tata

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