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Love Story - 11.09.2015 Our First Day

Monday, 12 December 2016 @ 07:31 / 0 Note ♥

Hey guys! Today I'm gonna post something about me and uncle pan. Maybe you guys gonna ask who is uncle pan? (or maybe you just don't care) As I mention before I'm gonna post this SOOOOON so today let me tell you all the story here 

** I'm gonna use malay too in this post as my english is not good enough yet.

Once upon a time, nehh... It's just a story of last year, so just skip it. I'm not really remember when is our first meet, but the place was my first working place and yes he used to be my client before. What is my first job? My first job was an admin at a laboratory company that we usually called ALS. So uncle pan is a chemical engineer and he always send sample to my company for water testing, I mean BOD5 and others testing which is not important here. I'm the one who usually receive and check the samples and that's how we meet and start to talk. But when we start rapat, he told me that I'm like sombong betul in the first time because I'm toooooo shy to talk with him. hah! I think there's many of them think the same way too when they meet me in the first time. I apologize for that as I don't mean to be rude or sombong.

So, how do we getting rapat? That's a good question! Because you know what? I'm the one who ask for his phone number, I mean seriously. Okay, here's how the story. I'm the one who issue invoice of the company, so there's a day uncle pan send samples as usual but the one who receive sample wasn't me but my college Henry. Where's me? I'm just sitting inside and chatting with my others college. Uncle pan ask Henry where is me but he doesn't mean to find me. I mean he just want to ermmm.. something like kirim salam. ugh I don't even know how to explain. So after that, Henry told me uncle pan was finding me. At first, I thought there's invoice problems that I need to amend so I request his phone number from Henry. That's how we start to text, does it means I'm the one who mengurat him? OMG like seriously? Funny right? Hahahaha

Okay, I'm not going to say how or how our conversation be so let's just skip to our first day. We didn't go or do anything special, I remember that there's one of my college which is my best friend too, she teman me for 1 night as my sister and brother-in-law was going to KL that time. So uncle pan and me just watch movie and have dinner, that's all. Simple but memorable? LOL

The second day, he brought me to a car show which included his car. I seldom go those kind of event as I know there must many people and the most important It's HOT. But still we are having fun there, I mean him. Then, our first photo created. Tadaaa~

I still remember how awkward when we take this photo hahaha

So, start from here I'm just using photo for a short story as I don't want you guys feel boring. I know this is not interest story for you guys. But before this, I'm gonna say why I call him uncle pan is because this is the way my niece calls him and sometimes I call him like that too. FYI, uncle pan is non-chinese and that's why our love is a forbidden love. Sometimes it's really hard, but I believe everything comes with reasons. So, I'm not going to give up easily. Okay, photo story started.

So this is the first present he gave me, late birthday gift. He said he doesn't give me anything on my birthday so he give me this after 2 months. Feeeeeeeeeeling SURPRISE! & Love too 

This photo taken before we are going to Jenny my bestie's wedding dinner. 
The first time we going to SDK my hometown. 

On 1st May, his company have a annual dinner at Nexus Resort Karambunai. Short trip and feel relax. Meanwhile, I do know their company staff too as they are my client before hahahaha.

This is when he decided to sing a song which is "Wonderful Tonight". 
TBH, I'm really feeling shy and also embarrassed too. But I'm really in love when he singing.

This was taken by his boss, which my parents known too because his boss is a vegetarian. 
And when they outstation to SDK they will go to my parents restaurant. Jodoh kan? Hahahaha

This is the most thing I missing now, we play the parasailing together and 
I'm like when can we go again? damn miss the time on manukan island.

My birthday, dinner & movie. Present, I love them.

So, if you have read my post before which is about our 1st anniversary then you might know the 2 photos below. We off to Tawau his homeday as the second day is Hari Haji. No special celebration too but still memorable day. 

That's all for today story, thanks for your reading and I hope this is interest for you but if not, I'm really sorry. I will post something interest or maybe you can comment for me to post what you ask for. End of the story, good night guys! 

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