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Love Story - The 1st Year Anniversary 11.09.2016

Sunday, 6 November 2016 @ 21:47 / 0 Note ♥

Time flies like an arrow :P It's been 1 year since our first day ♥

The next day of our 1st year anniversary was Hari Raya Haji, so we decided to go to his hometown which is Tawau. On that day, I wake up early on 4am to ready sushi for our journey. we have to go Bongawan before our journey. Unfortunately, we have a car accident while on the way to Bongawan. It took one and a half hour to settle it which cause our journey start late with empty stomach. Luckily I have ready sushi for us to avoid starving   

While on the way to Tawau, it's soooooo HOT because the aircorn of his car had problem and it's really hard for me to handle the hot! At 11 o'clock, we stop by and have our first meal of the day and it make me feel a lil well. After the meal, we took photo behind the restaurant but why do his face look more girly than me?! 

Finally, we reach Tawau at 5 o'clock. We bath and take a rest meanwhile his mother was readying dinner for us, it's delicious even just a simple meal. At 8pm, he decided to bring me go to the city of Tawau and have a drink at a cafe. He ordered mango sago for me because he knows I like mango, and it's nice.   After that, we just went back home as he said Tawau have no place to go and boring.

The next day, I wake up early in the morning as it's Hari Raya Haji! We went to his friends and also cousins' house the whole day and it's really fun! I meet his cousins and they are so friendly to welcome me. It make me feel confortable. After the whole day, we went back home and realize that we haven't take picture. So here's the tired face of the day. 

So, I have no idea for giving any present for him then I decided to ask for my sister's friend to draw our picture. It's nice, but some of them said my drawing face look like my sister and it's more pretty than my original photo! (Ouch) Anyway, Happy Anniversary Bae.  

You are the one and only one. Xoxo

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