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Lifestyle - The first day of the last month of 2016

Wednesday, 30 November 2016 @ 21:47 / 0 Note ♥

image Hello guyssssssss, finally it's December my favorite month and today I'm going to flashback what I have done on November. I know you guys gonna say the title should be "Flashback November", but this is my blog so I will just do whatever I want! Nenebubu.

Anyway, this is a throwback post and my memory is not good enough to remember all the things that happened, so I will just refer my Instagram or Facebook posted photo thus you may feel like this post keep skipping and changing to other topic. I'm sorry for that but you can just ignore my post if you don't like this. 

image the story started  image

Well, the 1st of November uncle pan got his new group shirt of football team and he decided to ask me wear his old shirt but he wears the new one. Then he said this is our Couple T even both are his name and my face was like   I like the colour of shirts which is my favorite colour but I dislike the material, it's too hot for me! So I just change back to my comfortable shirt after taking the picture below. HAHAHAHA

So, my second sis is going to marry with a Japan guy who we usually call him Taka. I don't know if he will see this or not but if yes; Hello uncle Taka!

While they are planing for their wedding, my sis is staying with Taka about 3 months at Sapporo Hakkaido! Then she send us the first snow photo at Hokkaido and I'm like in love with Japan image

Beautiful view isn't it? Hope there's one day I will see this view in real 

On 3rd November, I have a reunion with my primary school friends but just only few of us. We decided to meet at Scoope 9pm, but when I arrived they are still otw without having dinner. So I change to the restaurant they go and wait for them to finish their dinner. After that, we went to Scoope and have our ice cream dessert there.

I have to mention that our friendship is about 13 years from primary school image We always stick together, do everything together, go anywhere together, what ever we do we will never be apart. Miss the time when we are still a kid that no need to worry about life and just go to school play like nobody can control. Even until now, we still talk a lot like we didn't meet for about 10 years. LOL

Since 31 October is Halloween and Imago have a Halloween special event which is Haunted Prison. We have invited to join my friend with a FREE ticket and I have to admit that when I go in I really feel panic, as someone is making joke and scares me. Ughh image

Then we went to have our dinner Sushi which spent by my lovely sis (Thank you I love you) image
She asks me to try Wasabi as I never tried before but I know I don't like it, so she play game with me if I lose I need to eat sushi with wasabi. Unfortunately, I LOSE = I ate and I will never try it next time! Ever! So what is the point of photo below is, uncle pan likes to eat wasabi and that day he eat sushi with wasabi as usual. But then he took too much wasabi and it makes he cried so I capture this moment and keep laughing him. Wakakaka

After dinner, we went to terminal meet another famine buddy Jason as he ask to join him sing and drink. He said it's too hard to ask me join them as I always skip them. (I'm sorry) Great night spending with all of them. image

This is another Saturday that we BBQ at Jason's house, we all are tooooooo crazy that night. BBQ from 7pm to 12am? and that's not the last. Tired but it's really a good memories with them! 
And the baby boy here is Jason's son named Greyson. Cute kan? Same face with his daddy.

The last Saturday of November, even it's Saturday but I'm still need to work for whole day. As usual, I finished work on 5pm but I just had maggie for my lunch, quite hungry that time. Then I get this when I get into his car!! Cake in jar from Kak Kiah Cake House which I ask for many times.  Flavor: Red Velvet Nutella. It's really nice especially the cream cheeeeese. Meanwhile, I have change the look of my second blog, Pinky + One piece. Click me to visit 

30 November 2016, the last day of November. Starbucks promotion RM9 for tall sized Frappuccino, uncle pan outstation and I thought I can't buy it but uncle sim ask me if I want to drink so we decided to go after I said yes! Flavour: Green tea cream. Yes, Imma green tea lover too.

Last, I have apply replacement for my debit card by m2u on 3rd Nov. I'm so exited and keep waiting to receive the new card as it mentioned arrive within 2 weeks but I just received it today!  Anyway, thanks m2u that help me save time and avoid for 2 hours queue but 1 month of waiting.

That's all for the story of November, simple but still memories. If you're still reading this, then I would like to give a big thank you for reading this because I know this is not interest at all.

So, see you guys next time image

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