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iPhone Tool - My Favorite Top 5 Apps

Friday, 25 November 2016 @ 22:31 / 0 Note ♥


Today is  and I'm here updating my post so you guys wont think that I'm not active at all
So, back to the topic that the listing below is My Favorite Top 5 Apps in my iPhone. 

Well, I think most of you have this apps too as Spotify is slowly but surely becoming the premier iPhone app all over the world for streaming and downloading music directly to your phone or table.

With a free account, you can play any artist, album or playlist on shuffle for free. But if you want to listen to specific tracks any time or build more complex playlist for yourself, you'll need to upgrade to a premium account. As you can see the pictures below, you can search the playlist for example: Peace/ Relax My favorite playlist is Relax & Unwind. I usually play it before I go to sleep.

 Tips // I thinks there's some people was wondering if there was a way to get some sort of sleepmode set up. If you want to be able to set it automatically shut off, you can try to use iPhone timer feature of the pre-installed clock app. And instead of setting a ringtone you can activate option "stop playing". This works fine with Spotify. Hope it work fine for you 

(also known as Period Tracker - My Calender)
This is my favorite Period Calender because it is absolutely on time. Accurate calculation and I depend on it every time. Simple and easy to use it. It tracks and predicts your period, ovulation and fertile window and other basic period cycle tracker function.

 Except the basic function, you can record anything about yourself such as cycles, symptoms, moods, weight, note. It is designed to be your personal period tracker light diary and sweet secretary. Also it safe keep your secret and support Touch ID.

A huge collections of high quality wallpapers available. I love all of the wallpapers here. It's everything I ever wanted in a wallpaper app and I can change my wallpaper theme every week.
I recommend to all of you out there to try this app to search for your wallpaper. 
Search whatever you want and it wont let you disappoint!
 You can find many themes here for your lock & home screen and it's really nice.
If you are searching couple wallpaper, you will definitely like this app too! 

If you like fun characters then you will also like this app too!
This app has over 500 unique symbols that are not standard on the iPhone and iPad.
You just need to choose the symbol, copy & paste, done! 
Easy right? 


So this app help you to track that who unfollow you or who you are not following back on your Instagram. Quite helpful in statistics and insights for your account. You may need to sign in your instagram for tracking. It's time to follow & unfollow! 

So, above here is my recommended apps that in my iPhone. How about yours? 
Leave your comment here if you have others app to introduce me! 

Thank you for your times and have a great weekends! 


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