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Feeling - Don‘t judge a book by its cover

Friday, 11 November 2016 @ 19:31 / 0 Note ♥


Nowadays, people used to be pretending nice with you in front of others but another side they hate you and keep making rumors about you to let others far away from you. Unfortunately, I'm not same like those who know well in butter or please somebody up. I don't need there to get what I want, I will just do my own. 
You just know my name not my story, don't judge a book by its cover.
No matter how you dislike me, I am who I am.
 I wonder why there's some of them especially girls around me that action like she is my sisters/soulmate/bff but the next second I heard my rumors from others which close to her. Usually those people who like to pretending, they will find you when they need help but when you need help they will just totally disappear like they never know you.

Tired of being nice to them as they will never treat you as nice too. Some of them like to think the way they want but not the fact, and it's really fuck me up. They hope you treat them nice but they wont respect you even they are younger than you.

But if you really don't care those, it might not be the problem for you. So to all of you who facing the same problem with me, let's learn not to care too much, not to think too much. Just let it be, one day it wont be any problem for us. Fighting! God bless you.

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