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Life - Happy Happy Birthday 02.09.2016

Friday, 21 October 2016 @ 23:47 / 0 Note ♥

20 years ago today (I mean 2nd September) there is a little baby girl was born in Hospital Duchess of Kent, Sandakan. It's me, the baby girl!  

Well, as today is Friday meanwhile I need to work too even it's my birthday. So, when it's 17 o'clock I decided to punch out on time as I don't want to spend any OT on my birthday. I ask my boyfie if he got any plan for tonight and he give me a small present without answering my question, although it's just a little stitch I feel appreciate too. On the same time my sis ask to celebrate together. So, we back home for ready and bath. Before we step out from his car, he give me another present that bigger than the first present he gave me. I feel surprise as I thought the small present is the only present for me.

19 o'clock, we go to one of the new restaurant in KK city which named Venomi. 5 minute later, it start raining and my boyfie ask to wait as he need to take his water samples to avoid rain (he is a chemical engineer that's why many water samples in his d-max car). Then, my brother-in-law help to order for us because they went there before and know what to order. We chilling and eating, and when we almost finish all the dishes, the waiter come with cakes and wish for happy birthday. The flavor of the cake is green tea and cheese cake which is my favourite! Nice and delicious

After that, we decided to watch movie at cinema as it's been long time we didn't watch movie together. The movie of the day is Pete's Dragon from Walt Disney. It's a touching and meaningful movie which talking about a little boy live with a dragon after an accident which cause his parents passed away and the way he protect the dragon from the dangerous.

After the movie, we just went back home as tomorrow (Saturday) I still need to work full day. On the way home, we chilling like usual then he ask to take something (I forgot what is it) in the blue plastic. It's a big blue plastic and I wonder what is it inside. I open it & saw a BIG CHOOPER inside and it surprise me I love it so much! Thank you for my boyfie and my sis & brother-in-law for the dinner, cake, present and surprise! Also, thank you for the wishes from all of you! Appreciate xoxo

The End

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