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Feeling - Life Goes On

Monday, 20 June 2016 @ 08:06 / 0 Note ♥

Hey there, after a whole year and I've back! Well, just like the last post, new year new life. (LOL like seriously?) Anyway, a great new year for you guys :D (I mean great half year) I'm not going to say my story today but my feeling. (I don't care if you care or not)

Many things have changed since I live here. Not sure what is the one exactly changed but there is. Maybe because of my emotional life, sometimes I don't feel like want to talk. I don't mean to be rude but I'll just thinking; how if I'm on the world with no people? so I have no stress and tired. I know it couldn't be and sometimes it's hard to explain your feeling to others just because they can't know it well too. 

Now, there's somethings I want to tell him here. (boipren)
 I know it's hard to go through sometimes but you should think in positive way like you can do it, everything is gonna be alright my dear, just like the movie 3 IDIOT said "All is well, all is well".

No matter how hard is it, I'm still by your side.

Don't feel guilty for what you doesn't have, you should appreciate what you have.

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Sooooo, I have been working for about half and a years, and I deeply realise that it's not everything will be the way you think. Every jobs have their hard and though way, what you can do may just stay positive or you can just quit the job. My new job is getting well than before as I'm used to be that but it's okay because I still enjoying this job although it's many work and stress sometimes. Btw, I have tried an interview which suggested by my friend because that job just request for Chinese people (I have no idea about it) and I emailed my resume just for a try because I'm not really seeking for new job. So when the interview is going on, the interviewer said I'm really lucky as I'm young but I get a better salaries than others interviewee. I have no other meaning but woww like seriously? At the end, I didn't get the job because I really appreciate the job I got now. Thanks god.

And I'm speechless and nothing to write anymore, so Goodbye my dear friends?
Ohya! Before that, I apologies for my broken english and grammer :P

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