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New Blog - New Look - New Life ♡

Sunday, 11 October 2015 @ 04:00 / 0 Note ♥

Bonjour! It's been a long time I didn't update my blog. So I decided to make a new look for it! Meanwhile, I'm using Blogskin and this is the first time I used it. It's not so difficult as I think, more nice & easy to use and I love it! I named it 'A Little Memory' because I might update my moments here, maybe not everyday but I will update here with a lil memory of my life when I'm free. Also, I'm using English be my main language so that everyone can read and know more about me. Sounds great right? :P

Well, let's talk about me for those few years (Why years? Because it's 5 years ago since the last update). I graduated from Yu Yuan Secondary School last year (2014), my parents send me to Kota Kinabalu by driving own car which means about 6 hours journey form Sandakan and start a new working life here. I'm wondering what to choose for further study but still have no idea. When I say new life, that mean everything of my life which included relationship (Yes it's end, so don't ask about it anymore). Anyway, I'm verrrrryyyy happy and thankful that I have my lovely colleagues! They're friendly, kindly, pretty & handsome and also funny.  I've learnt sooooooo many things from them, not only about work but all about life. They are more like my friends and family! And my English & Malay have improve many more after working with them. I hope you don't mind if there's some Malay words here. Hehehehe ;)

I have tried many types of challenge in this year. First, I played the parachute boat on January. I was sososooooo nervous and regret after I agreed my sis to play it because she had her partner and what I have is just only myself. But then when I play the parachute boat, I totally love it! It's very relax and nice view from the sky, I even can saw the Gunung Kinabalu! So sad that my phone left on the boat, otherwise I can take many nice photo from the sky. ;( Luckily, my sis had take some photos of me so that I wont be upset. Other then that, I've done snorkeling too! First snorkeling in my life, no word can explain my feeling. It's really nice & beautiful and make me don't want to stop. I don't even know how if I'm diving (This is in my next island list). The island we went is called Manukan island, the most popular island here. I would like to go there again, maybe at the end for this year? (Just planing) Anyone want to join me? Hahaha :D Here's the photo of parachute boat.


On 12th July, I've done a camp named '8-Hour Kidz Famine Camp', it's a camp for children age 12 and below will be fasting for 8 hours. This is the first time I join famine camp and as a committee I'm pleased to commit all of the work to make it successfully done. After Finished the 8 hours camp, we still need to busy another camp '30-Hour Famine' for people age 13 and above on 1st & 2nd August. The first 30 hour without any food in my life, but I didn't feel any hungry because I'm toooo busy to help my sis (She's the game master!) for the game. I would like to thanks all the committee for giving me chance to commit on this 2 camp, and all my game leader for the teamwork & cooperation! Also I'm sorry if I'm not good enough for it. After the famine camp, I was decided to sponsor a child. He's a 3 years old boy who has a big round eyes & same birthday month (September baby!) with me from India, I'm pleased that I can help him by sponsor him every months so he can has a better life there. Want to sponsor a child or know more about it? { Click On Me

On the same month (August), I've attended my company annual dinner at Shah Alam at 22th August. In the early morning, my colleagues and I are ready to fly to KLIA. Skip until we've arrived to the hotel, we're sooo excited and go to have a look of it. We found out the swimming pool of the hotel is very niceee, but we have no time to enjoy it since we just stay for 1 night only. So we start our make-up and ready to attend the dinner which start at 7pm, we're wearing mask for the dinner because the theme of the night was Mystery. After finished our meal, there are performance ready by every team included my colleagues and me (KK Team). We were so nervous even ourselves also don't know what we did on that performance, but we still have fun on it. In the lucky draw part, I was soooooo lucky that I have get a slow cooker on it. And the Prom Queen of the night is my colleague sis Marian, the prettiest Kadazan girl. The next day, we wake up at 8am, because they are going to our new lab of HQ but I'm not follow them since I need to meet up my sister. Happy to meet my sister and my niece too, but we're toooo happy to talk with each other untill we forgot to take picture. Haha!

Next, it's my birthday month story! We were just celebrated by dinner on Little Italy but I admit that when the birthday song played I have no idea that's for me, thanks a lot for who celebrate my birthday with me and also all the wishes. The day won't be perfect without those, xoxo :*
On 11th, there's a man brave enough to take a risk and luckily the answer didn't disappoint him. Thanks for his brave and let me feel like I'm the princess everyday. I appreciate it and far from my heart I always feel thankful for knowing him. We accept the love we think we deserve. ♡

5th October 2015; a big day of my sister (Even though she doesn't know what will happen). From the morning, I have placed a dress I bought for her birthday present on her bed and I don't know if she like it or not. Then I received message from her in the afternoon of that day and I think she likes it so much (Perasan). At 7pm, she went out and have dinner with her boyfriend so that her friends and I can help her boyfriend arrange and decorate for the proposal! I was  totally panic that time because I scare I can't make it successfully. After 2 hours, they reached home and we would like to make my sis feels like we just want to surprise her and celebrate her birthday only. Then the proposal began as what we planned and my sister said yes after the rose & ring. Congratulation for both of them and Happy Birthday my lovely sister! Muak muak :*

Pictures Credit: Instagram | @BRIELLA.GSE

And finally, it comes to the end of this post. Thank you for your patient to read this finish. Don't forget to follow me by clicking the 'Bookmark' on the top. Left some message on 'Delivery' too so that I know you visited my blog! Don't forget to put in your blog url, I would like to visit back your blog too. See you again! Tata :D

By Briella Gui | Briellagse@gmail.com

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